“I’ve had allergies and sensitive skin since birth. Before founding MASS EDEN, caring for myself consisted of the use of medications and a select few body care products that weren’t fully effective. Either these products lasted for short while and my problems reappeared worse than before or they did work to solve one issue but created another. Over time, my sensitivity worsened and my skin became reactive. Acne, burns, hyper pigmentation, stinging, . . .I’ve experienced it all. In search of relief from sensitive skin, I’ve tried thousands of products of the course of my life. Although I did not find a line of products that fully worked, I did find what did not work. With no relief in sight, I became resigned to a life with “problem” skin.

A chance trip to Cuba in January 2015 gave me hope that healthy skin was possible. While on a two-day excursion in the country, I realized that I forgot my toiletry products at the main hotel. I tried the local a soap and moisturizer, both with natural and organic ingredients [that I could pronounce]. And, almost immediately, the constant stinging sensation was minimized and tightness eased. Within days, redness, irritation and inflammation were all reduced. I continued to use the products for the remainder of the trip. This act, coupled with a clean diet of local farm-to-table foods, led to my feeling and looking better.

A return to the states and use of my usual products led to a return of skin problems. Armed with the experience that I could have access to products that were less triggering, I became committed to having a better understanding of product ingredients. I believed that this research would help me find products, in the US, to help me better care for my skin and not cause a negative reaction. This research led to an education of ingredients and the very negative impacts some were possibly having on my body. [This information became more important in my battle with a major health issue.] What I learned motivated me to start living a ‘green’ lifestyle; created a desire to educate others on the potential effects of ingredients and the benefits of 'green'; and, sparked the desire to create a chic body care brand that could help others."

-TL Robinson


TL Robinson resides on the east coast USA. She earned a B.S. in Economics with a minor in financial planning and an MBA. She's spent over ten years in the corporate finance industry before beginning her career in the "green" beauty space and founding MASS EDEN. TL uses her corporate experience to lead and grow the business and her knowledge gained in her curriculum for formulation certification to guide in-house product development.


The MASS EDEN product line consists of natural and organic products that are powered by plants (aka active botanicals) and other ingredients known for naturally having properties that are beneficial to skin’s health. We shy away from artificial ingredients as they are known to trigger allergies, especially for people with sensitive skin.

Our ethos of employing safer body care for everyday use by both men and women birthed the MASS EDEN tag line “Changing the face of organic beauty.”™ We believe that natural and organic products can be chic and should not be segregated from mainstream products nor should they have the perception of being inferior. In addition, we want to strengthen the message that people who use natural and organic products come from all backgrounds, lifestyles and parts of the world.

As a green beauty brand, we deliver quality body care products while making the following promises to  you:

  • Never test our products on animals
  • Sustainable source ingredients (where possible)
  • Create gentle yet effective products that men and women can use, regardless of skin type