Determined by birth and impacted by the environment, your skin is unique and has special needs. There are many products on the market, and using the wrong one may have serious consequences for your body. Knowing your skin type help helps ensure that you make the best decisions regarding your personal care and overall health.

There are five skin types: dry, oily, normal, combination and sensitive. The best time to determine your is first thing in the morning or after waking from an extended period of sleep. Blot your face with a tissue and check to see which of the below types describes your skin.

  • Dry - No visible trace of oil on the tissue. Skin is often flaky and feels tight when wiped.
  • Oily - Visible blots of oil on the tissue. Skin feels greasy to the touch.
  • Normal - No visible trace of oil on the tissue. Skin looks even.
  • Combination - Visible trace of oil on the tissue. Oil is seen/felt around the T-zone but no other place.
  • Sensitive - Shows signs of being dry and/or oily. Skin is easily irritated and may feel sore when touched.

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