MASS EDEN is an organic body care line. We provide non-toxic and effective products to skin-sensitive and health conscious consumers.For us, the notion of beauty is black and white - either it's good for you or it's not. We work with industry experts to produce a line that promotes healthy, youthful skin. Our products are powered by the healing and cleansing properties of plants to provide the care you need and gentleness you deserve.

In addition to caring about you, we care about our ecosystem: plants, animals and their environments. MASS EDEN product packaging is made of recyclable materials. Our products are made with sustainably sourced ingredients and are never tested on animals.

Our products are void of overpowering, flowery fragrances that interfere with personal style and image. Each product is unisex, satisfies the needs of all skin types and caters to all lifestyles. Whether a professional athlete, techie, office professional or outdoors person, MASS EDEN body care products are for every body.

In addition to preserving the environment, we believe in supporting the welfare of men, women and children. At MASS EDEN, we support initiatives that provide an education on the benefits of making healthy choices; create awareness of viable options and available resources; and, promote positive lifestyle changes. We believe these initiatives help to create unity within a community and provide positive self images for the people within it. Forward any inquiries or requests for event sponsorship or organizational support to community@masseden.com